Outside Looking In
UK Debut Album From Bernard Binns

Wiltshire-based Bernard Binns is one of those rare song-writers who crafts pure pop songs as though this is an art form in itself, rather than as an act of compliance to current trends. His new album release, Outside Looking In is in this sense, a classic pop album, filled with the kind of hook laden, quick to infect the brain songs that any good pop star is looking for. But there is more to it than just that.

This ten-track album reaches a range of emotional responses with songs that are sometimes guitar-laden and anthemic and at other times quiet, gently paced and out-and-out happy go lucky. The first single released from the album Cut to the Bone was sampled to radio globally late in 2006 and the response has been enormous with airtime received in the UK, Australia, South Africa, the USA and South America.

The critics have also been generous in their praise of Bernard’s song writing talent, “Bernard Binns is brilliant and is on our playlist. Hope it does really well,” said Peggy MacNeil, the Head of Music at Isles FM, Scotland.

“Bernard has produced an album of well-crafted songs that reveals a little more with each listen… touches of Matt Johnson at times – check it out,” agreed Roger Mortimer, the Managing Director of Sound Knowledge in Marlborough, England.

“Strong melody has always been an integral part of my songwriting,” Bernard remarked of this collection of songs, “And this time I think I’ve managed to get the balance right – melodic, but edgy at the same time.”

Outside Looking In is UK-born Bernard’s second solo album and this solo work follows on from a highly successful stint as the singer/songwriter for the South African pop act, The Helicopters. Bernard originally started out as a drummer, but soon discovered a knack for writing catchy, memorable pop songs and migrated to the front of the band. The Helicopters were one of the single most successful pop bands in South Africa and Bernard has lost none of his knack for catchy tunes or his ear for memorable lyrics and constructions. His subsequent solo work shows greater depth and maturity than the early work, without ever sacrificing the accessibility of true, top notch pop music.

Track listing: 
God’s Land
Up or Down
Mad Bad World
Cut to the Bone
Los Glaciares
The First Time I Saw You Was The Last Time
After the Rain Falls

Outside Looking In is released by Third Wave Communications and is available now as a digital download from Apple iTunes, Amazon, Napster, AudioLunchbox, Verizon, CD Baby, etc.