Sandwiched somewhere between the alternative/political bands and the new wave/punk outfits you will find the crystal clear pure pop of the Helicopters. Sometimes mocked for their fine and snazzy stage outfits and the gelled pompadour hairstyles nothing can detract from the fact that Vereeniging`s finest were a great little pop band with catchy tunes and a desire to succeed. The band`s string of Top 20 hits in the 80`s started with “Mysteries and jealousies”, testament to the strongly held opinion that Chief `Copter Bernard Binns was arguably one of the best songwriters of the last couple of decades. Taken from the soon to be released Retro Helicopters compilation. The Helicopters: Bernard Binns – guitars, lead vocals; Pete Koen – guitar; Martin Ledger – bass; John Mason – keyboards; Franco de Nuzzo – drums. Licensed courtesy of Gallo Music