This mid 80′s album was a good example of the synthpop of the day. It features some great tunes, noteably “Mysteries & Jealousies”, “Miles Apart” and “Only for You”. With the exception of the latter, all the tracks are up tempo some almost reaching frantic pace. There is the occasional guitar workout and the electric drums feature quite prominantly on a lot of tracks. (Drums courtesy of a guy who lectured Law at Wits University, but whose name escapes me now) The closing track “Chased” cleverly opens with a synthesised “township” guitar sound, which is quite interesting.

Most of the songs are about that age old topic… love and although the back cover of the album features rose coloured spectacles, they usually deal with some of the realities of life & love. Songs like “Only For You” does occasionally become a little sentimental, but not enough so to distract one.

Bernard Binns’ distinct vocal delivery completes the Helicopters sound of this album which if one was to be hyper critical does sound dated. However most of the synthpop from the 80s sounds dated now. This was one of the best of it’s genre in South Africa.
– John Samson, July 2000