‘Cut to the Bone’ is the exciting debut UK single from Wiltshire-based singer-songwriter Bernard Binns. Recorded at Riverside studios in Bath, this beguiling, hook-laden song is quintessential Brit-pop at its best…shades of The Lightning Seeds, Tears for Fears with smatterings of The Kinks. The single is featured on his forthcoming UK album ‘Outside Looking In’ recorded at NAM Studios in Wiltshire and due for release in early 2007.

Born in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, Bernard moved to South Africa where he formed and fronted the famous South African pop band The Helicopters who achieved major chart success. Their huge hit single, ‘Mysteries & Jealousy’ even topped the Namibian charts for three months! His acclaimed debut solo album ‘Physiognomy of the Soul’ was well received in South Africa and achieved significant airtime in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany. Back in England, Bernard now lives in a village in an area he calls Druidland nestled between the ancient stone formations of Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire.

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‘Cut to the Bone’ has already charted at number 4 on the World Top 40 countdown on the Radio Ison network in Australia and picked up extensive worldwide airplay, including Delta FM (Surrey, UK); Isles FM (Scotland); Bravo 106.7 FM (Chile) and Internet radio stations – the likes of World Vibe Radio, Blue Sky FM, Radio Blitz 24 FM, Tyneside Net Radio, Oversight Radio, Matchbox Radio 24, Radio TE, Diamond Café and many, many more.

Here’s what some have had to say about it:

“Bernard Binns is brilliant and is in our playlist. Hope it does really well!.” Peggy MacNeil, Head of Music, Isles FM, Scotland.

“G’day, love ‘Cut to the Bone’. A lot of artists unsuccessfully combine ballad with pop, but this track has it just right – got a great sound ala Merseybeat.” Sean, Ison Radio Network, Australia.

“The track is really good. I have side-loaded it onto the station and it is already in rotation.” – Ajay at