I like wildlife gardens, mackerel, Hokkaido, Ben Howard, JG Ballard, Paul Theroux, penne arrabiata, Prog magazine, Chat Noir (Italian jazz group), The Black Keys, Elif Shafak, Lok Lak, Julian Barnes, telescopes, the Blue Nile, sweet tomatoes, old style lived-in houses, Jeff Koons,  microscopes, gumbo, Haruki Murakami, reptiles, Ismaël Lô, Bordeaux wine,  Fleetway Library comics, couscous, Copenhagen, Fireball XL5 theme tune, Nordic Noir, extra virgin olive oil, Tierra Del Fuego, Bon Iver, olives stuffed with anchovies, Alt-J, Levi 501s, Los Glaciares, Philip Glass, spaghetti alla puttanesca, Tokyo, Dali, Swedish song writers, Archie comics, the smell of creosote, garlic, YouTube, ELP, Goan-style vindaloo, Skype, fresh squid, Talinn, Diana Krall, surrealism, long train journeys, the Italian countryside, MOMA, devilled chicken livers, stylish women, Basquiat Strings, pylsur, The Guardian, MC Escher, Kilimanjaro, dried seaweed, Chapman Brothers, Amarone, long hikes, Emilíana Torrini, Istanbul, home-made chips, swallows, Gabriel García Márquez, rock pools, early Genesis, porcini soup, JM Coetzee, Zanzibar, anchovy paste, Velázquez, dogs, the Jurassic Coast, T-Rex, Bruce Chatwin, Jim Beam, Museé D’Orsay. San Francisco, Sigur Ros, watercress, Avebury, David Sylvian, Museo del Prado, Manhattan Transfer, gratin dauphinoise, Melbourne, cannellini beans with white onions, The Economist: Intelligent Life, Thomas Dolby, NYC, Bjork, Krzysztof Kieślowski’s Trois Couleurs trilogy, Bill Clinton, vinyl records, Frampton Comes Alive,  Italian coffee, Annie Liebowitz, fancy-dress parties, Beethoven, Crowded House, Madrid, ponds, Brian Eno, elderflower cordial, Steve Coogan, WeTransfer,  Bilbao, borscht. Word Magazine (RIP), Elba, ABBA, American Beauty, Toronto, Steely Dan’s Aja, moleskine for thoughts, Brahms, trippa alla Toscana, Radiohead, Koko: Camden, Barolo, Paris Texas, Matisse, gefilte fish, Austin Healey Sprites, Ozric Tentacles, Kevin Spacey, canyons, PJ Harvey, chicken tagine, Verdi, Bologna, haggis, Stevie Nicks, fast broadband, William Hague,  Sky Arts, Guy Fieri, crustaceans, cognac, Psy, Sarah Lund, the bushveld, KEF speakers, fried parasol mushrooms, Richard Baxter – Oz artist, Greenpeace, CD Baby, Cointreau, New Orleans, Herman Hesse, badgers, Brunello di Montalcino, Tarantino, St Germain, Mars Volta, soba noodles, Where Eagles Dare, tiger prawns, Dave Gilmour, Albuquerque,  La Traviata, Art Deco, Fever Ray, Kontosouvli, Buenos Aires, Tears for Fears, okra, Borgen,  Miles Davis, Baghdad Cafe, bratwurst, Bill Bailey, rocket and parmeggiano salad, Feist, San Pellegrino, Anthony Bourdain, paling in ‘t groen, Loire Valley, Shearwater, baccalà, Sardinia, Man Ray, samphire, Antiques Roadshow, locro, Imogen Heap, David LaChapelle, Life of Pi, Elgar, crystal clear streams,  Otis Redding, red hair and green eyes, Portico Quartet, gorgonzola, Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Rajasthan, ceviche, Kevin Bridges, Dvorak, farci poitevin, Airfix models, Choir of Young Believers, Zurich ballet, Circulus, Kalahari, chillies, Thelonious Monk, wild herbs, tap dancing, ackee, Namibia, Death Cab for Cutie, barbecues, Morrissey, figs and pecorino, camomile tea, Yes Songs, sashimi, Alberto Ginastera, fountain pens, grappa, HR Giger, Lucca, truffles, metal detectors, Tate Modern, mangoes, Tilda Swinton, Caldo Verde, freestyle jazz, the Highlands, stovepipe jeans, BBC iPlayer, Lloyd Cole, wild salmon, Frank Zappa, Kaokoveld, marmalade toast, habaneros, Die Antwoord and Armagnac. I hate bigots, animal and child abusers, organised religion, polluters, call centres, benefit thieves, MP3s, backstabbers, sycophants and hangovers. I live in Wiltshire and Tuscany. And I’m a songwriter.